Saturday, February 2, 2013


Photo by Amanda Labadie

I realized the other day that I hadn't done a post about my goals for Kort for this year. 
It got me thinking that maybe I wouldn't set any goals this year.  If I do, then don't go after them, it gives me anxiety, seriously.  I feel like I have let myself & Kort down.
So many times I have started up tracking with Kort, only to stop for one reason or another.  It upsets me, makes me feel lazy, like I'm not doing something I should be doing :(
Then I obsess over it, I'll say to myself, "it's such a nice day, you should be out tracking, or training, or whatever." The more I think about it ,  and the fact that I'm not doing it, the more stress I feel.

So I'm not setting any goals this year, I "hope" to get back in the Open Ring, with any luck I will be going to Medicine Hat in May.  I have been training in bits & pieces.  Sometimes we will be out on a walk & I'll call him to heel.  I always take the opportunity to use my "watch" command when I see another dog coming, Kort is getting much better at watching me instead of screeching at the other dog :)
I "hope" to get Kort's last leg in Intermediate Standard Agility, & his last leg in Intermediate Jumpers Agility this summer.  Of course I will need to get back into training, I stopped training Agility after our last trial in August.  If I do get back to training, super, if not, oh well, I just won't trial, the world won't end. ( I hope )
After all, Kort couldn't care less, now I just have to tell myself not stress about things so much as well.

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Squishy said...

Maybe you gave yourself goals that were too unattainable or might it be that you don't want to fall in love in case you get hurt? Or, maybe all that doesn't matter and just loving your dogs is the best goal ever??