Monday, February 25, 2013

Life & Death

This past week has had quite a few ups & downs .  All just natural life events but all lumped close together.

My moms best friend passed away.  Her name was Barb & I have so many early memories of her. She owned a dog named Willie.  He was always outside chained to his doghouse.  The kids in the neighbourhood were scared of him because if he got loose he was known to bite .  He never bit me :)  Sometimes he would sit on the front steps of my house with me, I wished he was mine.
Barb would pick me up every Sunday to take me to church.  I was about 6 at the time.  My mom bought me a special "church hat" to wear.  After church we would all go for pancakes.
Barb had 2 daughters & her younger one Suzanne babysat us.  She was very strict. Later when Suzanne had kids I babysat for her.

2 days after Barb passed away my mom's friends sister died. I didn't know her but felt bad for my mom.

I got a phone call this morning that my sister is going to have to put her dog to sleep today  She is in kidney failure & has been having seizures all night :( 
She is probably gone now, & I'm sad.

Yesterday afternoon I was at a baby shower.  My friend Jaime had a baby boy 6 weeks ago.  He is adorable .

Life goes on, nothing we can do about it. Sometimes bad stuff, but thankfully lots of good stuff to balance it all out.


WigglyZack said...

Everything seems to happen all at once, good and bad. Hopefully good happens more often than the bad for you in 2013

Dianne SS said...

I'm sorry to hear about these sad losses in your mom's and your life.There are always joys and sorrows in life and they don't always balance out all the time.


We have to use the time we have wisely. Ones life is either half empty or half full. The choice is up to us.

Squishy said... sorry for your mom. Life is always changing and it does seem deaths in clumps. Just always hard to lose someone you love so much.

Squishy said...

comes in clumps...or something like that.