Monday, February 4, 2013

Wally's Beach

We have had some amazing warm weather the past few days! 
Yesterday afternoon Amanda & Jenilee were heading out to Wally's Beach & she invited Julia & I to tag along with them.  Julia has Weimeraners, a Cavalier , & a mini Bull Terrier puppy named Red, she just took Red out with us.  I left Tate at home as he is still a bit stiff in his front leg & I knew it would be a long walk.  I also have Perkins right now but thought it best he stay home as well.

Wally's Beach is about an hour away, but worth the drive as there is no one in sight for miles, just the way we like it when we have 10 dogs along !
Amanda brought out her crew, Vito, Wicca, Pixel, Leo, Brit & Boone, Jenilee had Scamp & Neena.  All the dogs ran & ran & ran , at one point I could barely make Kort out in the distance as he was chasing after Scamp, I think Scamp is his new love now, sorry Leo :)

My only complaint , not only with Wally's beach, but pretty much any place I run my dogs , is the burrs & sticks & brush that gets tangled up in their coats.  You add all that plus mud & wet snow , & I have one heck of a mess to clean up on the dogs.  Yesterdays romp took a half  hr when I first got home, then another 45 min today to brush out the rest as I has to wait for Kort's featherings to dry.

The snow at Wally's Beach had drifted so bad that we couldn't actually go down to the beach, but we still enjoyed walking along the road & the dogs could still run flat out, or critter through the bush.  Kort was really interested in the bush , there are coyotes out there although we didn't see any, but I'm sure that is what Kort was smelling.

Red fell in love with Kort, she would constantly kiss him, he tried to tell her to stop but she did not take him seriously, poor Kortie lol!  I think he secretly loved the attention, at one point after some kisses he got the zoomies & ran circles around us as fast he could with Red trying so hard to catch up, soooo cute ♥
At least I know that Kort will be amazing with the new puppy !

Amanda took some great photos for us ......

In this picture you can tell Kort actually does like Red :)
Kort helping his girfriend Red stay :), Leo, hiding behind Kort, Wicca, Vito, Brit, Pixel, Scamp, & Neena, Boone wasn't having any of the picture taking lol!


Squishy said...

So cool to find a place like that. I love running my dogs and not having to worry about other dogs or people or cars. After tracking we usually get a great walk in and can see far enough if someone is coming, which almost never happens. Do you find your neuter coats are worse for trying to brush thru? I think it usually takes a about a year for them to change, but I can't stand them!!

WigglyZack said...

I gotta get Zack back out to Wally's beach. It must be a terrier thing as that little English Bull Terrier seems to play like Zacky

Dianne SS said...

Look at those bared toothies on Kort!! Poor Red!! You have such lovely places to take dogs out, down there--lucky, lucky!!

onecollie said...

Dianne, you mean poor Kort right! Even though Kort tried to tell her off, he never once tried to actually bite her, Red would not relent :)

Jenny Glen said...

I saw Red at the peanut ball clinic. He is seriously, like the cutest dog evah!