Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 6

My 3 Sons :)

 Today started with a bill from the city for $311 to cover the ambulance costs, seriously?  It was the cities negliegence in the first place that caused the accident :( 
I am sure we will get it covered by insurance but it still felt like a kick to the sternum, haha, me funny!

Had a horrible time last night again, extreme pain & difficulty getting into & out of bed, I also couldn't sleep.  I am worried about my van, the cost of repairs etc.  It will probably all work out but I am by nature a worrier, so I'm not surprised it is keeping me awake. 

This morning I am feeling pretty good!  I skipped my 7 am pain medication, but did take the 11 am.  I am trying to wean myself off of it, I don't like pain medication, I don't think it is good for your body, however it has it's place & I welcomed it these past days!!

Yesterday was so much fun but I was very tired.  Too much in one day haha!  I got to visit with my puppy!! Tate & Kort had no trouble with him in the house, which I expected.  Lync wasn't worried about them either, even though he only thought there were Flatcoats in the world until yesterday. 
I was happy to see that while Kort was chewing on a deer antler, Lync calmly walked over & got right beside Kort's nose to sniff it.  Kort did not snap at Lync, & Lync did not try to snatch the antler away from Kort, rather he sat back & just watched Kort eat it.  I distracted Lync with a toy & he left Kort alone, what a good puppy he is! 
Lync found the stash of toys I have for him & he would take them one by one & bring them into the living room, apparently he's a hoarder :)
He did get the zoomies in the house, we have a small house but I don' think that will be a problem as when I am better he will be outside exercising to get rid of all the energy.  Kort thought it was great fun & barked & barked at Lync :)

I also received many food items yesterday from my friends, shepherd's pie, spareribs, rice, granola, salad & cookies for the dogs from Judy....pumpkin cake, garden carrots, melon & rawhides for the dogs from Liz....& chili & buns from Andrea....yummy almonds from Kim.  I am so lucky! I can't do much in the way of cooking right now so it is wonderful to have something to heat up easily when I'm hungry.  Brad works 12 hr shifts so he appreciates the hot meal when he gets home.  I find it hard to be on the receiving end of things,  I would rather give, but I am learning to just accept the offers of kindness & not be embarrassed by it.

My family and friends are the best, I am the luckiest girl alive ♥

Lyncoln makes himself at home :)


Dianne SS said...

Kick to the sternum--hahaha!! Like everyone on FB said, somehow the ambulance bill will be covered. Sorry to hear that the night was so rough :( You and me both--worriers. Dave always tells me that worrying doesn't do any good, but that never stops me from continuing to worry!! All that yummy food!!! Wow!! Great friends!!

Diana said...

So glad you have such great friends!! Sorry about the accident and hope it gets beter soon. What an awesome puppy.


You sure have pawsome friends.

I have to tell you Dad started to chuckle when he read the title under the pawtograph. He told me about a B&W TV show with Fred MacMurray.


onecollie said...

happy your dad caught that Sherman!, not many remember that show :)

Squishy said...

You are so lucky and you have especially excellent friends!! LIfe will be back to normal before you know it and Lync will think he's a collie!!!! xoxoxoxo!!!!