Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 7

1 week today I had my accident :(

I have been out of the hospital since Friday & I have not had a stress free moment.  I am feeling worn out and over whelmed.  I am trying to deal with my van & how to get it fixed when we have no money.  My mom & sister have sent me some money to get us started.  Brad bless him, was confused & thought I did not have collision on my van, which I did.  Very very long story short, I have now called my insurance company and I'm waiting for them to call back.  We are fixing the van right now with our money, but I am looking into perhaps getting accident benefits for myself as I can't work for who knows how long, well I do know it is 6 weeks minimum.

Yesterday I had a visit from Brian, he brought minestrone soup & it was delicious!! I had a Dr appt with the attending surgeon I had while in the hospital.  It was a waste of my time, & Wendy's time as she drove me.  All he said was , how you feeling? using your breathing apparatus? any headaches? then ok, bye.  Oh,  and I can't give you a Drs note, you need to go to your own Dr.  I should have just went to my own Dr, ugh

 The hair on my carpets is driving me insane!! I can't stand the fact that I have not vacuumed since last Monday!  I might have to give it a try. 

So that's all for now, maybe tomorrows post will be less negative, sorry for that everyone, trying to be positive, but it's kinda hard right now


Dianne SS said...

A week already? But I suppose it feels way longer to you :( Sorry to hear that today is not such a good day. Wish I lived a whole lot closer--I would be over in a flash to vacuum for you!! I'm a daily vacuumer, sometimes even twice, so I know how you feel. While I was in the hospital, I knew Dave wasn't vacuuming everyday and I could imagine how the floors and rug looked. He did vacuum before I came home, but the first opportunity I had, I vacuumed--properly!! LOL!! I vacuumed the house before I went to emergency btw!! But I don't think you should vacuum just yet--not only will it hurt like crazy, but you might do some damage. Maybe someone down there reading this post will offer???!!! I hope so!!

I hope there is good news from your insurance company.

Btw, I really like your daily reports--good, bad, and in between days. It's a good record for you, and is nice for people farther way to stay connected to you. ((HUGS))

onecollie said...

I'm glad you don't mind my negative posts!
I vacuumed , just finished , I just could not stand it, you understand!!
I have a power head so I just hugged it close to my body & did tiny little sweeps, took forever but I feel was so bad Kort was choking on hair after he tried to eat his cookie on the rug...I do not like being unable to do basic things for myself & don't like to burden others when they have their own busy lives to deal with, never mind mine....
so funny you vacuumed before going to the Er !!!!

Dianne SS said...

Good for you!! Even though I cautioned against vacuuming, I so would have done it too!! Yeah, I could hardly breathe, but I vacuumed!! I sprained my wrist about 15 years ago, and I vacuumed. Held the arm against my body and got it done!! We're nuts!! I'm sure the last thing I do on this earth will be to vacuum! LOL!!

Squishy said...

Omg I have a lot of hair on my carpet and I have not had an accident. Well, not in a car. I would vacuum if you came so you'd think my house didn't have fur on the floors. When I was on crutches I had Sue & Linda come and pick up my doggie doo doo after 12 days of not doing it. Thank God for feeding raw because it wasn't that bad, but still very stressful for me. Please try to not stress. It won't be worth it as things will happen the way they happen. This is not the rest of your life. It's a short time so bare with it all and try to let the little things the fur. Good thing it's Tate & Kort fur and not some dog you don't like.....not that I would know about you lots Jolene oxoxoxoxo!! Is it bare or bear???????? Please take care of yourself!!

onecollie said...

hahaha Diana! I really am trying not to stress , promise! Just wondering how awesome it would be if "I" didn't always have to do all the thinking so to speak....
love you lots too! xoxoxo