Thursday, November 28, 2013

Day 8

Day 8 begins without pain medication :)  I did not take any to sleep last night except for my anti inflammatory, not sure if that is pain medication ???

Roberta came last night to walk the boys, she brought her lab Karma , they are on my Scenthurdle team.  The boys were very excited to see Karma, especially Kort !  She even played in the back yard , in the dark, in the cold for a bit with Kort & Karma, bless her!  She brought a curry,beef,squash, rice mixture that was very yummy :)  Roberta is a great cook!

I am still waiting to the insurance adjuster to call, hopefully it will be today, apparently they are swamped with claims due to the hail storms Lethbridge had this year.  The work on my van has been stopped so the adjusters can get a better idea of just how much damage there was.  The guy fixing the van is going away on holidays for Christmas so he was trying to get it done before he left.

I have a Dr appt with my own Dr today.

Today in honour of the American Thanksgiving, & not wanting to write another negative post lol, I am going to list things that I have taken for granted  but won't ever again!!

1. The ability to leave the house whenever I want
2. being able to walk my own dogs & pick up poop in the yard haha!
3. being able to get in my van whenever I need something, groceries, Dr appt etc
4. being able to get out of bed
5. being able to sleep in whatever position I want, other then on my back, in an upright position
6. being able to clean my house, vacuum !!! lol!
7. having a vehicle of my own
8. being able to have a 5 minute shower instead of a 20 plus one
9. being able to bend over to pick something off the floor, or tie my shoe laces :)
10. being able to breathe without pain , a thing we all take for granted  haha!
11. friends!!!!!! I will never take my friends for granted again, not that I did, but man are friends a life saver when you need them !!!  I love my friends!

There are of course many more things on a day to day basis that we all take for granted,  so today lets all be thankful for what we "do" have ♥


Dianne SS said...

Wow!! I am impressed that you are going without some of the pain meds!! An anti-inflammatory is pain med. I hear you about the things not to take for granted!! A week in hospital almost drove me bananas--have to ask to have a shower, ask for towels, can't sleep because of all the noise, bored, bored, bored!! Even though my activity level was so reduced this summer, at least I was at home!!

Sure hope your van will be fixed before the guy goes on holidays!!

onecollie said...

well the going without pain meds only lasted until 1 o clock after my Dr appt. All the movement took it's toll & I really hurt :(
But I'm getting there!
I hope my van will be ready too even if I can't drive it, I still want it home you know :)

WigglyZack said...

Hope the recovery is a quick one for you Jo. Don't overdo it too soon. Let me know if you need extra help walking Kort and Tate.


That is pawsome that you are getting by without some of the pain meds.

Get better soon.

Sherman & Dog Dad

Squishy said...