Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 9

Kort playing tug with Wendy yesterday in the park :)

Yesterday I had my Dr appt.  he confirmed I will need at least 6 weeks off of work in order to heal. I told him I was cutting back on the pain medication and he told me that now was not the time to brave, lol.  I need to be able to breathe deeply as to not get pneumonia, if I am in pain I will take short shallow breaths rather then deep ones.  I DID have to take medication when I got home, I was so sore, it was just too much movement for one day.
I am also very sore this morning, maybe due to yesterday???

Wendy came by yesterday afternoon to walk Tate and Kort, she took them both out for a walk then brought Tate back and took Kort out for a longer walk & a game of fetch in the park, lucky Korty ! :)

Insurance has gotten a hold of me so we will see how they are going to rate my van.  I am tired of dealing with it quite frankly,  insurance is alot of paper work so I guess that is to be expected.  I am just thankful I had insurance and they will hopefully give me some money to fix my van for when I am ready to drive again :)

Brad is off work now for 5 days, yeah, it will be nice to have him here, although I am not bored or lonely at all, I enjoy being alone in quiet actually.

I am hoping for a visit from Lync this weekend, maybe tomorrow.  Brad has not met him yet!! That will be exciting :)  If I feel ok I may have Judy leave him with us for a couple of hrs, just to see how it goes. 



Sounds like you are healing. Pawsome.


Dianne SS said...

I can't believe Brad has yet to meet Lync!! It will be nice to have a visit with the pup--but don't overdo. Listen to your doctor!! Ah, yes, insurance....

Squishy said...

What work.................I hope Lync can come home to stay soon. And, I'm with Dianne. I can't believe Brad hasn't met him yet. But weirder things happen all the time.