Saturday, November 9, 2013

Random Stuff

I was just reading Amanda's blog from Manymuddypaws ,she inspired to me to write random stuff that I have been doing but never bothered to write about lol!

I attended a Nosework seminar with Kort , weeks ago, I loved it , Kort loved it, but we only practiced once :(  Like Amanda said, I think it is the social aspect that keeps me training, if I have to do stuff on my own I lack motivation.  I think that is why I STILL haven't gotten out to track with Kort.  When I lived  in Thunder Bay I went out 3 times a week, I had friends that I tracked with, we had big fields to go to, & my friends kept me motivated .
Amanda is thinking of getting a class type setting going for Nosework, that way there is a weekly class I can go to & get my lazy butt in gear.  Amanda is also starting a focus & attention class that she has invited me to, I think I will do it even though Kort is no longer doing Obedience, he still enjoys learning & it will keep his mind busy, he gets bored very easily, he likes to be busy, unlike his mom, I do not like to be busy, I have to force myself to get moving some days.  What would I do without Amanda ? lol!

I have been thinking of doing some NADAC Agility with Kort, this organization has alot of games, no jumping involved.  They have thing like tunnelers & hoops & barrels, but I still need to make sure Kort can do this stuff as there is alot of twisting in it.  I haven't been back to his Chiropractor as I can't afford it, that is a whole other story , being poor sucks so bad :(

Tate is doing awesome since his mysterious attack of pain in October.  I feel blessed for everyday I have with him, I love him so much ♥

I myself have been having some problems, like sleeping, I don't.  I can be super tired, eyes closing, but as soon as the lights go out I am wide awake.  It takes a minimum of 2 hrs to fall asleep, & then I am up about every 2-3 hrs until morning.  I find I fall asleep in the early hrs, about 5am but then I am awake again by 8:30 on the days I don't have to work until noon.  It is very frustrating & makes my depression even harder to deal with.  My Dr. is finally sending me to a sleep clinic, hopefully I will get some answers. 

My sister Joanne has seem an orthopedic surgeon about her "broken" pelvis.  He does not think it is broken, ugh, stupid Drs!  He does think it is effects from her radiation however.  The lump in her chest has grown again, her CT scan is coming up & her oncologist has prepared her for it being cancer , so she will be getting radiation again, I am beyond sad :(  stupid Cancer

Our local dog show is this coming weekend.  I love dog shows! I have to work until noon on Friday but then I will be ring stewarding for Obedience at 1.  I am also ring stewarding Saturday & Sunday.  I love watching all my friends in the ring!! I think I will even be able to watch Collies one day & Flatcoats one day between ring stewarding , so yippee!
On Friday night I have entered Kort for his CGN test!  I am excited, I tried to get it when he was about a year & a half old, he failed.  I could not get him to walk calmly by the strange dog portion, he was way too reactive then, not aggressively, but wanting to go & visit, I think he is under better control now, at least I hope!  It will be fun anyway to be doing something with him again :)
Then on Saturday night we have Scenthurdle, there are only 4 teams racing so we will probably only get 1 or 2 races but that is ok! Kort loves doing Scenthurdle!!

I am going out to Blazingstar in about a half hour.  There are still 2 puppies there, 1 boy left from Kona's litter & Cava's singleton.  I am looking forward to seeing them !

So there you have it, random stuff that has been going on in my life, thanks for the idea Amanda!


manymuddypaws said...

:) Glad I can help to motivate you, in more ways than one.

Squishy said...

I hope your sister is ok and you get some sleep. Ugggg and you win the lottery. You probably aren't sleeping because you are too worried about shit. Money, your sis, your dogs. You need to come here and we'll go for a 40 mile walk and then you'll sleep. But we'll drink Merlot first and laugh and shit. Or, and laugh and fart. Be kind to yourself and give Amanda a big smoochy hug for all of us ♥

onecollie said...

hahahaha! laugh, shit & fart, awesome!
Amanda won't let me hug her, I am only allowed 1 a year lol!

Squishy said...