Saturday, March 29, 2014

Camrose Dog show, Part 1

Lync with Katie

It's been a week since the dog show and I am just now caught up!  I have been uploading videos & waiting for pictures etc before I posted but I thought I would go ahead and begin with Lync's weekend.

Lync amazed me this weekend, he turned 7 months old on March 24th and I find him mature beyond his age.  This was only the second dog show Lync has been to.  The first one was when he showed as a Baby Puppy in January.  At this show he was entered for real!

He was awesome in his crate, never once making a peep.  I had to come and go numerous times and he was awesome.  The day of the National Lync and Kort had to remain alone for about 5 hrs while I was away from the set up!  My sister Debra did go back a couple of times to walk them but I stayed away thinking it would be best if they didn't see me and then I would have left again.
He walked in and about hundreds of different dogs with no issues, he never once reacted to any of the sounds that go on during a dog show, including the PA system.

In the hotel room Lync was amazing as well.  This was the first time he slept out of a crate at night too!  I had a king size bed and he and Kort just snuggled up with me and slept through the night.  He didn't bark at any of the banging of feet from the people in the room above us, or the kids hockey team that ran up and down the hall.  He met hundreds of strangers in and outside the hotel and was wonderful.  I even left them in the room numerous times alone, I went to get meals at the hotel restaurant, I would tell the desk staff that I was away from the room and where I was, I told them my room number as well. Dianne and I went out for supper one night to the restaurant and we went to the wine and cheese get together in the hotel too.  Each time I came back to the room the two older boys would be asleep and Lync would just greet me at the door , what a great puppy he is!!

As for the dog show Lync was also well behaved.  On the Thursday night I bathed him at the show site and dried him on the table, he was so good!  He accepted the two new people he had never met before and showed well for them!
On the first day Lync won the point  over the other puppy, the next two days we weren't as lucky and he got reserve.  I am just so thrilled by him!  I can't get over how good he is.  I will start showing him myself, I think he will be good with me so I am going to try, if I find it too hard I have so many people that would show him, but I am itching to get into the ring with him myself :)

Well that was Lync's weekend, Tate's will be coming up soon.


Dianne SS said...

Lync was just awesome all weekend!! Such a good boy and friendly, and happy!!

WigglyZack said...

So happy for you.

Squishy said...

Lync is adorable and what a good boy to be at the door waiting for you. I bet you'll do just fine with him in the ring!

manymuddypaws said...

What a good boy he is!