Saturday, March 8, 2014

Guess What I Did Today ????

I have stopped and started tracking more times then I can remember.  Since moving to Lethbridge in 2007, the year Tate got his TD, I lost all motivation.  I no longer had my friend Donna to track with and mentor me, and it just wasn't the same.  There are many people in Lethbridge that go tracking with their dogs so I don't know what the problem is.
Donna and I had a great system, we had access to many many fields in Thunder Bay, so we had our pick.  Donna would often wake up early and to my surprise have already laid a track for Tate to run before I even arrived!

Dawson and Tate getting their TDX and TD's
I also had a great tracking partner in Katie who I met at my very first tracking seminar with Tate.  She was just a kid with her first tracking dog, a Golden named Dawson.  Katie and I would meet up after work in the evenings and lay a track for each other, we would sit in our cars while they aged and chat about tracking.  Dawson got his TDX on the same day Tate got his TD, what a great day that was!

We had a great tracking group in Thunder Bay.  Donna would teach classes then we would split into groups and lay tracks for each other.  After we would head out for lunch and talk about the day.
We would organize mock TD, TDX tests before trials as well.
UDT was brand new back then, we had the honor of listening to the owner of the very first Tracking Champion in Canada when she came up to give a seminar.

I have been watching Lync for the past couple of months, this boy is a tracker, there is no doubt in my mind he has what it takes.  He has more interest in smells then the Collies.
I talked with my friend Kim who has a puppy Bernese Mt Dog.  We decided to get together today to lay a few small beginner tracks to see what interest we have with our boys.

Rundle was very keen, he caught on very quickly, Lync was a bit more distracted, he grabbed a few sticks, watched Kim who was videoing, smelled the air haha!  but this was day 1, he had no idea yet what was expected.
We had fun!!

So Diana here you go, a tragically long video, of course!!! I actually cut out lots!!!!


WigglyZack said...

Looks like fun

Squishy said...

I watched EVERY SINGLE LAST SECOND of your tragically long video!!! I'm so excited you started! I was afraid when I saw you on FB this am you didn't go, or something came up! Your tracking in Thunder Bay sounded fabulous and I have a feeling if I left this area it would be hard to start again, but if you have a friend who's doing the same thing you can keep it up!! Thank you so much for the video! Made my day!!!

Kim said...

Lync is going to be a tracking superstar!!!!!

Squishy said...

Did you track again today????

onecollie said...

no Diana, just met up for a flatcoat party :)

Squishy said...


Blazingstar said...

Good for you! His great grandmother, Tally, comes from a breeder that has focused on tracking, so it's in his genes!