Sunday, March 2, 2014


Today is Kort's update :)
Kort is very happy to have Lync here.  He wasn't so sure at first however, I was a bit worried.  Lync is a Flatcoat, and Flatcoats lick, alot!  The Collies do not, and they are not used to it, so it drove Kort crazy!  He had to tell Lync a few times to chill and get out of his face, they understand each other now.  Kort often initiates play with Lync and I am so happy and can't wait for summer so I can just sit and watch them play outside.  I always felt bad for Kort when he was a puppy, Tate would never play with him, Kort loves to play!  He is very puppy like in that way.  It brings me so much joy to see him enjoying Lync's company.  It was part of my plan, to have Lync established in the pack before we lost Tate.  It is so hard to think about it, Tate not being here, but that is life , and Tate is almost 12, I have to be realistic :(

I miss doing agility and Obedience with Kort so much I want to scream!  I still can't bare to watch all the videos I have of him doing Agility.  I can look at pictures, but seeing the both of us in Agility breaks my heart, it still hurts so very much .

I am worried about him, he is favouring his left front leg, not a limp, but I can tell it hurts, he loves to run and play with Lync but pays for it after.
Tate has his Senior Wellness exam on Tuesday, so once he is done I will get Kort in for a check up, he may actually need pain medication such as Metacam, I have being going the natural route so far, but I think it might be beyond that.
I want to also make sure he is still approved for jumping 8 ", maybe he isn't , I'm scared.

I have to get more weight off of Kort too, he is getting a bit pudgy!  I now make all of my own dog cookies, as well as training treats, I make sure they are low calorie.
This winter has been pretty brutal, so there are a few days a week that the dogs don't get walked and that doesn't help either. Warm weather can't come soon enough!!

So that is the down low on Kort The Sport who's really Smort lol


Dianne SS said...

Oh Korty!! ♥♥♥♥ I am glad he's having fun with Lync. But I'm sad to hear that he has pain--poor boy. I still think Lync and Lanny would have a blast--Lanny seems to play more like a Flat-coat than a collie. Duffy has kind of turned into a Tate-type boy--not really into playing with other dogs. Outside he does chase sometimes, but that's about it. These bitterly cold temps and winds keep all of us indoors so much this winter--not fun. I hope Tate's check-up is good, and I hope Kort can still jump and can be pain-free.

onecollie said...

yes Duffy is an old soul too, he was always very mature just like Tate , I am so hoping Kort doesn't need a stronger medication :(

Squishy said...

Awww happy face! Kortie is so pretty in that photo. I wished you were still doing obedience and agility too. We could compare obedience notes (super big sad face). I wonder what's up with him limping. Tirzah was limping last year after all the running in the pasture, but this year she looks good and she'll be 9, so hopefully it was minor and won't come back. I hope it's no big deal for him. I'm glad he likes Lync and finally has a buddy to place with even if he's licky licky!!!

Squishy said...


onecollie said...

Diana, the limping is his spondylosis, the bone spur behind his shoulders causing him pain/discomfort :(
yes Kort loves his puppy, I joke and say I got Lync just for him ♥

Diana said...

So glad everyone is getting a long. I hope Kort is ok. Dogs play so hard sometimes.