Friday, March 14, 2014

Tough Decision

Jack and Kerry, my buddies, Jack passed away last year
Kerry had his 15th Birthday just the other day, he still goes to daycare, I have gone to visit with him

I am sad, worried, and a bit afraid.

On Wednesday I told Wendy I would not be returning to my job at Paws On The Run.  I started there in March of 2008, so I suppose it's fitting that I stopped working there in March of 2014.

My broken sternum continues to pain me, as well as my Fibromyalgia.  My Dr. and the Orthopedic surgeon are in agreement that I need a minimum of 6 months for the fracture to hopefully heal properly, that would be the end of May. 

Summer is coming and holidays will be starting at Paws, Wendy needs to have someone that she can depend on to work steady, fill in for holidays and sick days.  I can't promise that at this point.  It is not fair to the girls at Paws for me to hold on to my position.  I chose to leave :(

I spent Wednesday crying, this was the best job I have ever had.  I did not enjoy dog grooming, it was just a way to make money.  I enjoyed being with the dogs, and Wendy was really great to work for as well. 

I am welcome back, if /when I am ready, and if there is room for me at Paws, which is of some comfort. 

I will miss working with Wendy, Amanda and Denise, I will miss the dogs, I formed some pretty close bonds with some of the dogs, Jack and Kerry for instance, it hurts, but I am trying to stay positive.  Things will get better, everything gets better, it just takes time.

Even Kort got to come with me to daycare , this is back in 2008


Squishy said...

Kort looks so young and puppy like in this photo! I'm sure if you want to go back you will have a job there. Life is always full of changes and many hurt. But there are things you are not aware of yet, that will come your way that will be incredible oxox!

Dianne SS said...

I can understand this being a really difficult decision for you to make, but it sounds like it is the right one for your present circumstances. Maybe one day, you will feel able to work there again, or maybe something else will come along. You'll always remain friends with those gals, no matter what!! ((HUGS))

Diana said...

I'm so sorry. Sometimes breaks turn out to be good. I hope this one turns into a positive for you.


It is tough, but we believe you are doing what is best. Hopefully, you will get better and return next year.


Donna Brinkworth said...

You know Jolene, you have always been a hard worker and so responsible, looking out for others. It is time for you to look out for you and to be there for Brad and for yourself and your dogs. It is a hard decision and if I had stayed at MNR I would be retiring in 3 years - but now I will have to keep working and wish I could stop some days! The nice thing about work is that you are always in contact with people. But you have a great crowd there of people who care about you and you will always be busy with your friends, so you have made a very wise decision. Godspeed my friend.