Monday, March 3, 2014

Winky lol!

What can I say, I love him!!  He is growing like a weed and I am having a blast with him.  He is funny and goofy and makes me laugh all the time!  That is a good thing as I have been in a funk lately, with the cold weather going on and on and on, and the soreness in my chest going on and on and on.

I have had some bad days, not going to lie, but my dogs are my therapy.  They make me laugh and comfort me.  Walking them brings me peace, lately we haven't been able to go everyday, I did go out the day before yesterday with booties on Kort and Lync, and they loved it!  I am just about to head out now with the two of them, Tate will stay home, it's too cold .

Lync has been one of the easiest puppies I have ever owned.  Maybe it was due to getting him at an older age.  From day one he has slept in his crate at night with not so much as a peep, even if Brad and I and the other dogs are wandering around.  He sleeps until at least 8 am and at times until 9.  He has had one accident in the house , only one!!!! and that was totally my fault, I was brushing Tate and thought he looked antsy but dismissed it, next thing I knew he was peeing on the dog bed behind me! bad mommy!!

I have heard him bark only twice, seriously!  Collie owners know how weird this must feel, collies bark ALL THE TIME ! 

Everything is just so different with Lync, he is confident, will walk on any surface, bounds up and down stairs like a pro, jumps into the van, it's just like living with an already trained older dog and he's only 6 months old!  I love him!!!

He will be in his first dog show in 3 weeks, I found someone who owns a Flatcoat in Edmonton and convinced him to enter.  I've never met the guy but he agreed to enter!  His puppy is 2 weeks older then Lync so they will be in the same class.  Hopefully we will split the points between each other, well obviously I'd like to get the points at least 2 days hee hee, but even one day would be awesome!! If he wasn't entered, Lync would be showing everyday without a chance of getting any points, there is no way a 6 month old puppy is going to take a group placement in a Sporting Group here, the competition is way too stiff.  I suppose we could of had a chance at a Puppy Group, but I'd rather have competition then not.
I am really looking forward to it, hardly any grooming on him as well makes it a bonus!

Obedience is going very well with Lync, he is starting to understand more and more, I find the beginning stages so boring!  I like the heeling! but so far we only do a sit at my side and one step with focus, that is it!  I did 2 steps forward the other day but only that once.  I want to be sure Lync understands before going ahead too quickly.

Brad thinks Lync is going to be a mommas boy like Kort, I'm not so sure, he is more independent then Kort, but he does follow me everywhere I go and if I shower I find him laying outside my door when I open it!
I have just started giving Lync more freedom, such as when I shower, I can leave him out and he is great, just stays by my door. 

Lync is the best thing that could have possibly happened in my life and the exact time I needed him too.

That is Lyncer the Stinkers update ♥


Dianne SS said...

Sounds like the timing of getting Lync was just the right time after all!! I can't imagine how different the lack of barking must be!! LOL!! And then there are all the other vocalizations that Collies do as well--the moans, groans, whines, yips, howls!! That's cool that you persuaded the fellow from Edmonton to enter!! I am so looking forward to Camrose--I will be able to meet the Lyncster--yay!!! Carefree in Camrose here we come!!!!

Diana said...

Thats wonderful!!


Bark all the time. Doesn't sound like any collies Dog Dad has had.


Squishy said...

Ok.....waiting on the next post???????????????
I kinda understand what you are talking about with a dog that doesn't get concerned about certain things. Even though the LGDs have their issues, they do other stuff with no question and I just love that about them. To not have a barker.....that is the question.......I hope you win both days, but glad someone said they'd show up.