Sunday, October 5, 2014

Number 4

Tate's 12th Birthday, April 11 2014, taken by Amanda
At 4 am this morning Tate had his 4th seizure, 78 days after the last one.  This one was brutal, I held him in my lap while he yelped for over an hour , I was calm, calmer then all the others.  I told myself it wasn't pain, at least this is what everyone has told me.

He lost bladder control for the first time and peed twice, I was sitting in it, with him in my lap, his head held tightly against my chest while I told him it was ok and he was safe, his momma was with him.  After the first hour and he wasn't stopping I gave him another half of a valium, right or wrong I didn't care, we were both exhausted.  He would also stand up during all this, well, "attempt" to stand up, I had to support his back end totally as he had no control of it.

I didn't like the sound of his breathing, it was like he had a plugged nose.  It is gone today but I need to ask my vet about it, I hope it wasn't fluid around his heart.

Today  he is tired, sleeping mostly but has been able to go up and down the stairs to go outside and to eat.

Fingers crossed for another 78 days seizure free, or longer.


Nancy said...

Prayers to you and Tate. I'm glad you were there to comfort him during his seizure.

Squishy said...

Sad face. I agree with were there for him.