Monday, October 6, 2014


Another from Tate's 12th Birthday, April 11 2014

A day after Tate's seizure and he is doing well.  Yesterday was spent sleeping except for coming up to eat and me making him go outside to go to the bathroom.

Today as I was making his breakfast I had decided that if he continued to not participate in the household goings on that I would start getting ready for "the decision" .  With tears running down my cheeks  I was putting things together in my mind.  I looked down to my right and guess who was standing there? yup, The Tater Dog !   He had come upstairs and was waiting for his breakfast,  thank you Tate for sparing me my thoughts . I called my vet but she is away for a few days, I wanted to tell her about Tate's plugged nose during his seizure, and to ask about his Valium.  The vet that was there called me back and assured me I could up the Valium with Tate during his seizures.  We were being conservative because of his mutant/mutant MDR status.  

Tomorrow Tate is officially 12 and a half,  realistically I doubt I will have him past 13 , so 6 months. It is hard to put into words how I feel knowing he has 6 months or less.  I could be wrong, Collies have lived past 13 years, but not many, so everyday is a special one, for Tate I don't take any of them for granted,  Tate is hugged and kissed and told he is loved every single day, actually many times a day,  he will know nothing but love until it is his time.

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Squishy said...

This is the hardest part of dog ownership. I am sorta in that with SeaB and can't see him even going 6 months. Tate is loved by not only you but a whole bunch o' other people. I'm sure he knows that.