Monday, October 20, 2014

Tate Tate Tate

Tate on his 12th Birthday, April 11 2014
 Stubborn old fool ! Tate is the most independent dog I have ever owned, nothing wrong with that until you get to be 12.5 years old though!

He insists on sleeping downstairs, which means going down 2 flights of 6 stairs, he has hardly any co ordination in his back legs anymore, so you can imagine how he does this!  I just don't watch, it's too scary.  If  I "make" him stay upstairs he just paces and paces and paces, so he gets his own way.
What goes down must come up however, this takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, he circles, tries a stair, goes back down, circles, tries a stair and goes back down, over and over until he gets it just right.  Why don't I help him you ask?  Well because he is a stubborn, independent old dog of 12 .5 years old lol!  He WILL NOT allow any help, if I try to help he bucks, backs up, spins or just generally panics, so again, I walk away and don't look, he eventually figures it out.

Another problem with this is he either has to go down 6 stairs, or come up 6 stairs to get to the door, sometimes if it takes too long he just does his business on whatever floor he is on, this morning he peed downstairs, brat.  I bought a steam cleaner this year as this had started at the beginning of the year.  He was pooping in the house, the peeing is new. It breaks my heart, really, everytime it happens I cry,  but I comfort myself thinking he probably doesn't know, or remember he has done it.  I don't want any stress in his life and he has always been a clean dog, never messing in the house, even as a puppy .

I have also added rug to our stairs just for him, he likes it !  Well at least I think he likes it :)

Tate continues to live in the present as only dogs can do.  He is eating well, enjoys his short walks, still wags his tail at me, which I watch for.  I hate knowing that there will be another seizure eventually, they are so hard to watch.  Hopefully he will be with me for a long time yet.

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