Monday, December 15, 2014


You know I have read through my blog posts for the last year and more are negative then poisitve.  I try, really I do, to be a positive person, I used to be, now I just feel like a shell of who I used to be :(

We just can't catch a break it seems money wise.  2 nights ago on the way to work Brad's brake line broke in his car, he was ok, but it could have been really bad, Brad drives the highway to work, one hour each way.  He had to have his car towed back to town.

The mechanics called this morning, apparently the rear drums were leaking oil through the entire car and that compromised everything to the tune of $500 plus, I give up, really, I give up hope of ever being financially stable, of every having a stress free life for Brad and I, it's just not in the cards. Of course we don't have the money, we don't even have a credit card.  I had to phone my mom for the money, add it on the what I still owe her. 
Kort needs to go to the vet, I might have to cancel it, we will see.

I am worried sick about Brad, the stress of working so hard for nothing, if he has another episode and lands in the hospital , well lets just say it won't be good.
Can't even write about it anymore, it just makes me more depressed then I already am :(


Squishy said...

This is REALLY going to pass. Shit doesn't go on forever. It can't. Just be patient and try to get thru sanely. There is another side.

onecollie said...

I've been waiting a year for it to pass, I'm so done with waiting :(