Friday, December 26, 2014

Leaving Monday

I leave in 2 days for Thunder Bay!!! omg that snuck up on me!! I have got to get all the dog's meals sorted out, they are both going to different houses , I need to get myself packed, decide what I am wearing to the church, should I wear a different outfit from the one I am wearing to the reception?  There will be family pictures taken so I must look nice!! I am having my hair done Monday morning as the church is at noon, but I really really need someone to do my makeup seriously!  I haven't got a clue how to do it and I want to look really nice, it is not only my nieces Wedding, but it is also New Year's Eve!!

I have decided to cancel my plane ride from Lethbridge to Calgary.  I am going to drive instead, that way on the way home I can just jump in my van and come home as it will be late, I will still be arriving soon then if I had flown!  Air miles is closed of course until Monday, so I have to remember to cancel my  flight Monday morning,  I will have to drop the dogs off where they are staying as I want to be at the airport sooner rather then later, and you never know in Calgary what kind of road conditions or accidents or terrible weather they may be having, better to be safe then sorry.

That's it, I am taking my computer so I can still upload photos and fun things, even though I absolutely despise flying I am getting excited, a couple of pills and a glass of wine, piece of cake hahaha!

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Dianne SS said...

I was wondering if you were still going, and when you were leaving--this post answers those questions!! Yes, you'll have to get all "glamed" up for a double whammy of wedding and New Year's Eve!! Take care driving though--your forecast is to get quite a bit of snow through Monday. We will be waiting to see all the pictures of the lovely bride and family! Have a wonderful time!!