Monday, January 5, 2015

News from Thunder Bay

Saying Vows
 Still here in good old Thunder Bay!  Time is going by so fast, I leave for home on Friday.  I am already getting a bit of anxious about the flying part, hoping that the flight home goes smoother then my flight here.

To re cap, I left on December 29th , my plane was to leave at 10 to 1 in the afternoon, instead it left at 1:30,  that put me in Calgary at 2:15, by the time the plane stopped , we got off, I collected my luggage and made my way to the Westjet counter, my plane was already fully boarded and leaving.

The best they could do for me was get me on a flight that left at 12:30 in the morning, 9 1/2 hours later.  If that wasn't bad enough that flight took me all the way to Toronto, a 5 hour flight, arriving at 6 am.  I managed to occupy myself in Calgary for the 9 hours by going for something to eat, listening to music and talking with other passengers.  The flight was horrible, I had packed all my medications in my suitcase never thinking this could ever happen.  My fibromyalgia causes my nerve endings to jump or twitch, the entire flight my left leg was twitching , it ached and my feet felt numb.  I removed my boots and stood up for awhile, I had a window seat so I couldn't stand there for very long so I woke up the young man sitting in the isle seat and went and chatted with the flight attendants.  I also was nauseated and had a stomach ache.  They gave me a ginger ale and I headed back to my seat.  Everyone on the plane was asleep but me.  I woke up the young man again and asked if he would mind moving into my seat by the window, he was very happy to do so, thankfully!

When we arrived in Toronto I found my next gate to board my plane which was to leave at 8am, when I got there I found out that flight was also delayed and wouldn't be leaving until 10:30,  by this time I was so exhausted I didn't care, I hadn't slept now for 24 hours. I finally arrived in Thunder Bay at 1 pm, 15 hours after I should have!

Anyway, the Wedding was on the 31st and it was perfect, one of the most beautiful Weddings I  have ever been too.  My niece Sherri was absolutely stunning.   My mom was still not feeling well so I left with her at 11 o'clock and we rang in the New Year at home.

The complete family! and my head hahaha!
Today my mom started her experimental treatment for her blood disorder.  Her blood doesn't make red blood cells anymore so her blood pressure continually drops and she gets weaker and weaker.  I took her for her weekly bloodwork today and sure enough her blood is so low again that she needs to go for another blood transfusion tomorrow morning.  With any luck the pills she is taking will work and she will never have to have another transfusion ever again.  The pills come with many risks, one being blood clots.  My mom has already had a stroke so she is on blood thinners thankfully.

It is going to be so hard to leave, my mom will be so sad, I hate to think about it.  I would stay longer but my dogs and my husband are back in Lethbridge and I miss them.  My sister Joanne is getting married in May so I am thinking of driving here, that way I can stay longer as I will bring the dogs with me.

That's about it for news from here.

My beautiful family at the Church

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