Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Credit Cards, Hate Them !

Grrrrrrr, so frustrated!

Almost 2 years ago Brad and I decided to try and change our financial situation.  We had been struggling since moving here, I had left my business and was only working part time, and Brad's situation changed when he was off work for medical reasons for a year and a half.  Now I have been off work for over a year as well.

One of the things we did was get rid of every credit card we owned.  It has been such a struggle to not have one!  Not in the way that we need to pay cash for everything, that is the good part, but I travel alot for dog shows , that is where the problem is happening.

This morning I tried a couple of hotels, I wanted to reserve a room .  The first hotel doesn't accept anything but a credit card for payment, not debit and not cash!  The second hotel accepts a credit card to hold the room, but if you are paying in cash you need to pay up front and they want a $200.00 damage deposit up front as well! eeek!  Also because it is my moms credit card, she has let me use it for holding rooms, they now want to fax her an authorization letter, have her mail it back to them, super, that is not going to happen, my mom has been quite sick for some time and she is not going to want to bother with this.

I will figure it out, they can hold the damage deposit on my moms card I suppose, I was just so stunned I didn't end up reserving a room, geez Louise this sucks!

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Kim said...

Have you looked at getting a pre-paid credit card for hotels? That might at least to book a room.