Tuesday, January 13, 2015


 This was my first attempt to video some training with my new tri pod, I need some practice oviously lol! 


Dianne SS said...

Oh Korty, you make me laugh!!! That's the 'problem' I have here too, when doing training with Lanny--Duffy is in there a dirty shirt. So he either has to be sent outside or I work with Lanny when it's just him and I here! Lync is doing super well!! There's such a big difference in how he does a down and how collies do their downs! He just goes thump and he's down, while collies kind of slide on down!! It's going to be great fun watching your videos!!

onecollie said...

I should have put up the gate for Kort but was too lazy to go downstairs to get it lol|! I don't want him to feel left out either but he does get in the way alot!
I love Lyncs downs too!, nice and fast. His biggest problem is the swinging out of his butt so the perch work is helping with that.
He is very enthusiastic and fun to train :)