Monday, January 19, 2015

AKC Show

Home from the Dog Show yesterday without getting Lync's final point, ugh!! I hate sitting on 9 points, it's like a curse!  The same thing happened with Kort, we sat on 9 points for what seemed like forever !

On the first day we had a Booster with 16 Flatcoats entered!  It was wonderful !  Lync showed very well and took Reserve Male !  The next day the judge didn't like him at all and we didn't get anything.
I am hoping to go to Red Deer in April , I am glad I get to keep showing him as I love it, BUT, it gets so expensive with hotel rooms when you have to travel.  I wish we could have a summer show here in Lethbridge! I wonder why we don't?

This was Lync's last show as a 12-18 month old.  He is now in Open, which kind of sucks as he still looks so young , which is another reason I was hoping to finish him before he had to compete in Open.

Anyway, here is a video with Lync competing at the booster, he is Blazingstar Galwey WC for those of you who don't know his registered name :)

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