Monday, January 26, 2015

Spring In January!!

I can't believe this weather!  It is supposed to be a high of 16 today, unheard of for January, it's like spring !!!
I have so much to do today so I better get at it, cleaning out my van for one.  It is so full of sand. Yesterday Judy and I took the dogs for a walk and the Old Man River was open so the dogs went swimming!  That meant mucky dogs however, which meant a dirty van but they had so much fun!

I also want to get out and do some training with Lync, mostly hand signals for field, , left, right, back for the dummy, I haven't worked on that all winter and my plan is to try for his WCI this year if possible! 

I have been so busy with training Lync, he has Obedience on Tuesdays, Agility on Wednesdays, and Scenthurde on Thursdays!!  It is fun though and he is so smart, he picks things up pretty fast, the other night he finally had an "ah ha" moment and figured out how to do a left turn with me in heel position!! I was so flipping excited as we have been working on this forever!!

This weekend is a trick workshop we are attending, Lync has quite a few tricks he can do which I need to video!  I am working on him putting rings on a pylon right now, it's coming along prettty good.

Well that's all I have time to write, need to get outside and enjoy this weather!!!!

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Enjoy the weather. We know you rarely get pawsome weather in January, and we doubt it will last long.

Sherman & Dog Dad