Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Going to Camrose :)

I am so excited !  Yesterday Amanda asked if I was interested in going to the Camrose shows with her.  I had decided I wasn't going to Camrose as it is quite farther away and a bit more expensive for the hotel.   But, sharing expenses with someone makes it easier!  I really like the hotel we are staying at, I stayed there last year when going to the Collie National, it is a gorgeous hotel with a restaurant right inside, you don't even need to go out to eat, the food is amazing!  Another bonus is the show site is 5 minutes from the hotel, so awesome!

The judges are decent AND the entries are only $20.00 as they are celebrating their 25th Anniversary so they dropped the price of the entries.  It is a great show for people who are doing obedience as well as it is in a whole separate room by itself, so nice and quiet.

It has been forever since Amanda and I have gone to a show together, we used to always travel for Agility , so that will be so nice.

Dianne might come to watch as well and have a bit of a vacation, she came last year to watch the National and we did quite a bit of laughing !  Especially going to the Karaoke night,  very fun listening to the drunk people who thought they could actually sing haha!

The show is not until the end of March so I have time to work on Lync's stack, I can never get it quite right when I am in the ring, there are times when I think it would look nice to have him stacked, right now I just free bait him, like a Collie lol


Dianne SS said...

Yay for Camrose!! Yay for Amanda!! A vacation in Camrose!!Yeah kind of a sad life when my vacations are to Camrose, or I fly to Winnipeg in January to pick up a puppy!! I really need to expand my horizons!! But we sure did have fun and that's what counts!!

Unknown said...

See ya there! I like the Camrose show ---no idea why as none of the dogs have done great there and the weather always sucks!

But I do get to meet up with my dogs breeder and learn new things from her.