Monday, January 25, 2016

AKC Winter classic

The lovely venue
Back from the AKC winter classic held at the beautiful Spruce Meadows.  Lync did very well, the first day we won the Breed with 3 Specials entered.  The next day we took Best of Opposite with 5 Specials entered and the 3rd day we took Select Dog with 5 specials entered again.  We ended up fulfilling the requirements of  the Grand Championship with 1  Breed win and 2 major wins.  We also came away with 7 points toward it as well!  so a great weekend for Lync.
Unfortunately Ash did not fair as well, he did come home with a Reserve Winners on one of the days however but no points.  Ash is still learning how to behave in the ring but by the 3rd day he had it pretty much figured out and was gaiting quite nicely for his handler.  He was happy in the ring and I was thrilled to death at just that, there is nothing worse then having to drag a dog around the ring.
Kort had a great time out at Amandas, she took a lot of great photos of him for me which I love!
I am not sure when we will be in our next show, Red Deer maybe, we will see.

Ash ready to go into the ring

Lync ready to go in the ring

Kort taken at Amandas