Saturday, January 9, 2016


I have my first day down of my new job.  I started a day earlier then expected as someone called in sick, I agreed to do their shift even though it was a full 8 hours.  I bit off more then I could chew on that!  By lunch my feet were in serious pain from standing for so long, my lower back was aching from the hard floors and the constant bending over.  I must have sliced 100 loaves of bread!  There is more then being a bakery clerk then I once thought.  There are so many different types of bread to memorize I am not sure I can do it.  I will give it my best try though and if I am not comfortable with something I will need to say so.  I hope things improve, I know it was just my first day so I am keeping an open mind but worried at the same time


Collie222 said...

Good Luck! I bet you end up doing a great job!

Dianne SS said...

I'm sure you will catch on. There is always so much to learn when one starts a new job or even hobby and it can be daunting. And 8 hour shift is a pretty tough way to start, especially when you are not used to being on your feet anywhere near that amount of time. I hope you can keep to shifts that are shorter. That's why I don't work anything longer than 6 hour shifts at the Expo Centre--even that's pushing it and I'm pretty crippled up for the rest of the evening. You'll learn more about breads, buns, pastries, and bagels than you ever wanted to know!!