Sunday, January 3, 2016


Colouring isnt just for kids anymore!  It has been proven that colouring for adults eases stress , depression and boredom.  I have been colouring for months now and just recently found adult colouring books.  I find they help take my mind away from the fact that I am so bored and lonely and depressed alot. 
I start orientation on Wednesday for my new job so I am hoping I wont have time to colour much anymore!
Heres my newest book and an example of a page I coloured.


Collie222 said...

Hmmm, I've been reading, but maybe coloring would help! BTW - are you a reader? I found a great author, I will post about her tomorrow.

onecollie said...

I was a reader but have trouble concentrating now, just ordered a new set of books so hopefully I will get back into it! I find the colouring really helps with my depression and anxiety :)