Thursday, January 14, 2016

Fitting in my real life

After 2 years of having all my days free it is quite difficult for me to figure out work and leaving for a dog show!
Next weekend I am traveling to Calgary for a 3 day show and a Collie specialty.  I work tomorrow, Sat, Sun, Mon, , Wed , am off Tuesday, and work Wed until 1.  I will bath Ash on Tuesday as he will take longer, then bath Lync on Wednesday after I get home,  I cant get into the show building on Thursday until 2 so I dont need to rush heading up there.  I can pick up any last minute things like water and gas when on my way.
Ash has been limping on and off for a few days now so I am hopeful it will clear up before the weekend.  If not I will have to pull him, I am so glad I decided to show Lync last minute!  I have stopped running him and Lync together, at least until after the weekend.
I am really looking forward to the Specialty!  Kort is staying with Amanda out at her new place in the country, he will love it out there!
Hopefully everything fall into place without too much trouble!

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