Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Eve

Good and bad as always to ring out the previous year.  2015 will always be the year my mom passed away and the year Joanne's cancer took a turn for the worst.
Of course there was good in the year, Ash came home to live, and I got a job which I am looking forward to starting in the New Year. It's been rough living on one income and thank God I have family members that are able to help when things get too bad.  We couldn't have survived otherwise. 
2015 is also the year Lync was bred and hopefully 2016 means the pitter patter of puppy dog paws :)
My wish for 2016 is they find a cure for Cancer, the nasty life sucking disease that I hate with all my heart.
I hope my friends and family remain healthy and happy.
To you and yours, Happy New Year!

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Collie222 said...

Happy New Year, may it only hold Joy and happiness for you.