Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

All I could manage for a tree this year
Merry Christmas everyone.
I say it but I don't really *feel* it you know.  It's hard when your husband is working all night long, then sleeping all day long to get into the spirit.  He woke up long enough to have supper with me then back to bed, so I have spent Christmas Eve , Christmas Day and Night alone .  Then there is the fact that I am missing my mom something horrible :(  I just want to call her and see her and talk to her again.  Most days I am doing fine but then the grief takes its hold and I am a mess.  It feels like I will never get over her not being here to guide me and help me. It's like I have lost a portion of myself way deep down , down where it hurts so bad I could scream.
But, life goes on, like it or not, I will get through it, the good and the bad.
I hope 2016 is better then 2015.

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Collie222 said...

I was not in the mood to decorate or celebrate this year either. It's hard when the blues grab hold. My daughter put up our sna tree, or there might not have been one.