Wednesday, December 9, 2015


For the last eight weeks I have been attending a grief group at the Family Services.  It is a small group of just 4 and next week is our last night.  I am going to miss going there!
The group has focused on giving us tools to deal with our grief once we leave.  For the first time last night I couldn't do the exercise.  They wanted us to imagine our loved one coming toward us and presenting us with a gift, then after the loved one would leave.  There was no way I could do it, it felt as if I would be loosing my mom all over again, then after we were to mold our gift in the clay they provided.  I ended up molding a pink cloud, moms favourite colour, and a sign for peace on it.  I like to imagine mom is at peace finally, happy to be reunited with her loved ones.
Next week we are making a Christmas ornament in memory of our loved one.  I am looking forward to it and already have some ideas of what I'm going to put in it, and on it.

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