Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kennel Cough Day 11

Well the kennel cough is still present in my house, Lync has gotten over it and I havent heard him cough in a few days now, Kort will cough once in a blue moon if he gets really excited or barks for a long time, Ash is still coughing but he also started to cough 3 days after the other two. 
It will still be 2 weeks minimum before the dogs can go anywhere other dogs might meet up with them, as they are still considered contagious. 
Some of my friends dogs are still coming down with it even now so this nasty virus is making sure it hits everyone!
Ash is still eating and playing normally which is good as his cough does seem a bit worse then what the other 2 had.  I am thankful it is not as bad as Lync got though with all his vomiting on the first day, that was horrible!!
Hopefully it will just be a couple more days for Ash and we can get back to out normal walking routine!  The dogs will be so happy I cant wait!!

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Dianne SS said...

It must seem even longer to have this going on for 3 dogs at time! I hope Ash gets past the worst of it soon, and you and the dogs can get back to fun walks.