Saturday, December 19, 2015

New Job!

After months of looking I finally found a job!!  I start in January and it is at the Superstore bakery!  I'm not baking but rather doing bagging and setting up first thing in the morning.  It shouldn't be too hard for me to wake up at 4 am lol, at least I am hoping it wont be!  I work till about 11 or on some days until 3, I hope I dont have too many shifts at 3 as it will be hard on the dogs at first.  The dogs have only known me to be home since 2013!  The fun thing is that in awhile after I have worked I will be trained to decorate cakes, how fun is that!?
I am also nervous as I haven't worked in so long but I have confidence in my ability to learn new things.
So here's to a great beginning to 2016!!


Dianne SS said...

I'm happy about your job! And learning to decorate cakes--that's cool!! But what happened to 2016????? LOL!

onecollie said...

good catch Dianne, thanks!