Thursday, April 7, 2016

Day 2

Day 2 today on my wheat free life. 
I did well yesterday and wasn't even hungry, this morning Brad made me scrambled eggs, tomatoes and cucumber then I had a banana after.  I do enjoy eating this way as I am not hungry, if I am, I fill up on a handful of mixed nuts and the cravings go away. The nuts have to be raw, no salt or honey or any of the other coatings they put on them now.  I wish I was a month into it! not just 2 days, I have no patience for things to start working but I know once I'm a month in nothing will stop me from continuing.
This picture is of Dianne and I from this past weekend.  We went to Eastside Marios where I could get my last pasta fix before starting my life change :)

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