Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Goodbye Wheat

Yesterday was Day 1 on my road to a wheat free life style.  I first tried this in 2013 and within 1 month I had lost a bunch of inches off my waist and entire middle section.  I did not stay on this way of eating however and have gained back any inches I lost and then some. 
I mentioned in an earlier post that I am at the heaviest weight I have ever been.  Eating wheat free is difficult for me, I love breads and pastas, sandwiches and rice.  This will be a real challenge for me but I am determined to give it a good try this time around and hopefully will be able to stick with it.  I don't do well putting pressure on myself, so I am going to give myself one month to see if it makes any difference.  This picture is not the best one of me, I wish my eyes were open, but it was taken 4 days ago so it will give me a good starting point picture to compare with on May 5th.  I will post weekly pictures if I can so you can join me on my journey to a healthier way of living. 
Yesterday I went and got some groceries , it was good that we were out of all breads and pastries so I don't have to look at them and crave them.  Instead of candies for snacks I have nuts and cheese.  Fruit is to be eaten in limited amounts due to the natural sugar content they hold.  I have a recipe book from when I tried this before so I guess I need to dust that off as well. 
Anyway, wish me luck on my difficult journey to a healthy weight and feeling comfortable in my own skin again.

Ash and I at the Red Deer Dog Show 4 days ago

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