Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This and That

Yesterday was 3 weeks since I have gone wheat free.  11 days since Joanne has passed away.  Everything seems to be difficult, I feel unmotivated and lost.  I suppose this is normal but who knows.  I don't want this to be a whiney post so I will move on from the whiney stuff.

I am going out today to buy a Magic Bullet so I can make smoothies, I think that will help me with my cravings for something sweet.  I treated myself to a piece of chocolate last night, dark chocolate with 85% cocoa in it which is what the Wheat Belly book recommended.  It was heaven , I hate dark chocolate but when you have not eaten anything bad in 3 weeks it sure tastes great!

Yesterday I picked Ash up from the kennel so the house is back to normal with all 3 dogs together.  Lync had an injury while I was in Thunder Bay, his right shoulder.  It is proving difficult to keep him and Ash from running around and playing, I don't let them out in the yard together and stop them from their normal tug of war game.  I might take Lync to a clinic in Calgary that does rehabilitation on dogs just to make sure he heals.

That is all that is happening here , boring I know 

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