Friday, April 8, 2016

Day 4

4 days into my wheat free lifestyle and I am doing well.  No cravings and actually not as hungry as I was while eating wheat. So yeah for me !

Yesterday I found out that Joanne is looking at only about 2 more weeks. I have booked my flight home for April 22, if I have to change it to earlier then I will.  I am still not dealing with it, meaning I have chosen not to think about it at all, I'm afraid what might happen if I do.  I have dog sitters in place for the boys so that is a lot of stress off my mind.  I am so happy I went home in February as I was able to have quality time with Joanne. She was hospitalized shortly after I left actually. 

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Dianne SS said...

I'm glad to hear that your grain-free eating plan is going well. I have a problem about eating nuts--I can't stop eating them, so I'd probably gain even more weight!! I'm impressed that you can control the amount so well! I am so sorry about Joanne. One can know that the inevitable is coming, but that doesn't help in preparing, coping, or thinking about it. ((HUGS))