Saturday, May 14, 2016

5 weeks

It'd been 5 weeks since I have been wheat free, I have been taking pictures of my face to see if there is a difference, not sure I see one yet but here is Day 1 and Day 40

Well??? What do you think?


Aleks W said...

You look happier :) Less stress in your face :)
Congrats! Not an easy thing. My husband is trying the same thing (wheat and corn) and we never realized how much of the foods we eat have either wheat or corn in them! You're an inspiration that it can be done!

onecollie said...

thank you Aleks W !! It has been a struggle at times, I know deep down it is a better way of eating and you are so right, had no idea how many foods have wheat in them!


We agree that you look a lot happier. Just like a collie after a nice long walk.

Hope you get were you want to go.

Dog Speed,

Sherman & Gemini & Dog Dad too

onecollie said...

thanks so much Dog dad!