Thursday, May 5, 2016


So incredibly frustrated today by my Wheat Free Diet is one month that I've been eating this way.  It is not easy, it's hard on me as I really am a fussy eater.  I am overweight because when I do eat I choose to go for high carbs rather then healthier things. 
This morning I went to get dressed and grabbed a pair of capris , they were too small , they fit me last year.  I am so upset, frustrated and just plain angry.  To be working so hard to try and loose weight , only to be brought down in an instant.  To stay motivated I need to see results and I just don't,  others say to me they can see some loss in my face, but I need to see the results and I just don't.  Not sure where I will go from here or what I can do differently, just needed to vent......

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