Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Jog My Dog!

It's no secret that I am having difficulty getting enough exercise for my dogs.  I find it a struggle to walk all 3 at once, Lync being the big problem with his pulling , he is so strong!! 
I can walk the 2 collies together but it is craziness if I try to leave Lync behind, yes my dogs are that spoiled.  But then I just have to come back and walk Lync , I just find it too much . 

Last night I had an interview with Amanda from Jog My Dog Pet Solutions.  Twice a week I am having one of the team members, namely a young lady named Ashley, come and jog Lync twice a week!  I am really excited about it and I think Lync will also enjoy the exercise.  They of course know all about starting slow, maybe a 2 minute jog followed by walking etc, cool down and warm up, so it sounds great.  If I ever get a job I will get Ash in for group runs a couple of times a week as well.  I didn't want Lync in with the group runs, he just not a social as Ash is.  I am also hoping this will build up some more muscle on Lync and get him in top shape for the National which is this July :)



margaret minetti said...

I read if i ever get a job? i thought u had started a new job awhile back? Lync sounds alot like my kids as far as pulling. i have found a harness actually works well with my flatties, for some reason they pull less with the strap across the chest

onecollie said...

Hi Margaret!
No that job did not work out , just not for me ......
I did buy the no pull harness and you are right , it definitely works the best to deter pulling !

margaret minetti said...

I guess i missed the part about u not liking your job, sad. i do hope u find a good one.i walk all 3 flatties together with harnesses, Mischief is the worst for pulling. he wants to pee on everything, but i do a 45 min. walk once, dont like multiple at my age anymore either