Friday, May 20, 2016

Dog Dogare Day & other stuff

Ash goes to dog daycare again this afternoon, getting into a routine of Ash at daycare and Lync going for jogs, now I just need to get out walking with Kort , then comes riding my bike!  I will go by myself first then will hopefully be able to run a dog with me as well, fun times.

In other news, I am still battling low motivation & depression.  I fight it everyday.  I wish more people would talk about depression, I feel so alone as I talk about it as it seems like I'm the only one.  Anyway my anti depressants have been increased so  hopefully only good days will be coming my way.

The weather doesn't help, its been raining for the last 2 days, even though we need it, I need sunshine.


Sylvia said...

You are not alone in your depression, many people you know are dealing with it. Some are better at hiding it than others. Once we get a dry day or two you should continue with your exercise program. My therapist says that it works both sides of your brain and releases endorphins. I have arthritic knees, hips, elbows and shoulders and live on pain meds, but I still somehow find a way to get out with the dogs. Sometimes I will just take the youngest, 15 month smooth collie, and enjoy our walk,just the two of us. I know it hard when you have multibles but it's important bonding time. I take all 3 regularly but sometimes one on one it what I need. Good luck, stay strong and if you need to go to it's a community of broken people, not downers but survivors.

onecollie said...

thanks Sylvia, I took your advice and today it stopped raining so took my old boy out for a one on one walk. I totally enjoyed my time with him as much as he enjoyed having me all to himself as well :)

bella costa said...
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