Wednesday, June 1, 2016

7 weeks Wheat Free

Day 1

Day 58
It's been approx. 7 weeks since I've been wheat free, I have had the odd cheat , having rice for instance, but no bread or any other grains.  My most exciting day was when I found out I could actually have ice cream!  I also can have the full fat variety too, when eating wheat free you are encouraged to have fat in your diet, butter for instance.  Of course it doesn't mean I can go out and eat a bunch of fattening products, it just means I can eat full fat in things like butter, ice cream, yogurt etc,  I have found adding these things has helped with my hunger cravings too!

The picture above was taken this morning, it is the first time in 7 weeks I have noticed a difference in my face, I can see less of a double chin from Day 1 !  So good for me!  It has actually not been as hard as I thought it would be, I don't miss bread, but I do miss pizza!!! So, once every few months or so I am going to reward myself and actually have pizza, I could make wheat free pizza crust but I want the real thing :)

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Unknown said...

WOW! You look amazing! It looks like the 2nd photo was taken 10 years ago. Congrats!