Sunday, June 26, 2016

Chaseability A New Dog Sport

I tried something new yesterday afternoon.  It is called Chaseability.  It is just like lure coursing where the dogs chase what is referred to as the "bunny".  The bunny is a few white plastic bags tied to a rope then pulled along a series of pullies around a course.  The difference between Chaseability and Lure coursing is it is not a race between dogs, rather the dog runs the course  by himself.   To pass the judges are looking for sustained interest from the dog throughout the entire run. 
I tried it out with Lync and Ash.  Ash chased it the first time but the second time he was more interested in just running in the field then chasing a white plastic bag!  Lync thought it was great and he did 3 runs perfectly, getting better each time at taking the one corner they had set up.
On the last run he dove for the bunny right at the end and face planted into the ground quite hard.  I was really worried as he has just recovered from a leg injury earlier this spring.  He is ok, thank goodness!  but it has me thinking that the game could be an accident waiting to happen.  Lync runs full blast and then there are the sharp corners they have to take. I have also heard of dogs getting caught up in the line.  So even though Lync loved it I am not sure I will compete with him, really need to give it some thought.
Here are pictures taken by Wendy of Lync and Ash during their runs......

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