Friday, June 10, 2016

Happy Friday

Where have all the bloggers gone?? Seems like no one blogs anymore, guess people are busy living their lives and such.  I blog mostly as a diary to have that record of what has gone on in my life.  Right now nothing is going on, I am totally and completely bored, I am however looking for a job. I think if I could just work 3 times a week it would be so good for me, at this point I'd even take full time.  Some days I am so bored I feel crazy. 

I have had my first interview to volunteer at our local hospital.  I will be glad when all the criteria is met and I can start, it takes about 6 weeks before everything is said and done though. I even have to update my vaccines.  I have no proof of getting them when I was young so I have to have them again.  I am hoping for office work for my volunteering shifts, that way I can also get some experience in that department. 
I applied at PetSmart the other day, they are looking for groomers.  I thought I had put my grooming days behind me but because of my increased boredom it is back on the table.  I have applied there before for other positions and never heard from them, I am wondering if it is my age???

Anyway that's about it for this Friday, have a good weekend everyone ! 

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Squishy said...

Where have all the bloggers gone???? I almost never go to blogs anymore and it makes me sad. It's just a fast food environment for posting shit on FB. Sorry, but we are not special anymore. No one cares and we can click "like" on stuff we don't even read because it's our friend, or we get the jest and move on. I miss blogging and even worked on a post last week, but it lost steam. I am not that interesting to read something that takes more than 2 seconds to blow by on social media. I've gotten to the point where I don't want everyone to know personal stuff about me. It's really kinda scary the stuff that people put out there and anyone can find stuff about you that maybe they shouldn't. As far as journalizing your life, that is my passion, but in the big picture, probably only a few people will care. We aren't Pioneer Woman....who is totally cool and famous and has a following of like a bazillion people. We are just average people who love to write about nothing and have cute dogs. I'm sorry I have been a bad blogging/commenting/blogger friend but IMO, FB has ruined it for us. I betcha if you quit posted on FB and giving the daily updates on whatever and just had a link, people would eventually click and see what you are up to. Do ya think??? There is no mystery anymore. At all. We know it all.