Monday, June 27, 2016


This morning is my meeting with Joblinks, an agency that will help me with my quest to find a job.  They help people with disabilities , whether it is physical or mental.  I am excited to get the process started, although I did bring my resume to a grooming shop on Friday.  I had a good feeling about it when I left so hopefully they will consider me to work there.  It is just the bathing and brushing of dogs, which is really all I would want for right now, my grooming days are over I think, but I will never say never, who knows??  Then this afternoon I go for vaccines, eeek! I am not looking forward to that and hope they don't make me sick.  I have to get them as I have no proof I got them as a child.  These are so I can volunteer at the hospital, but, if I get a job I will not do the volunteering.  Or maybe I could volunteer one day a week, that's doable if I work only part time.  So it's going to be a busy day for me as I also bring Ash back to daycare.  He is into his second week of antibiotics for an infection, he missed all last week so he needs to go back and get some exercise and to give him some mental stimulation too.

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