Monday, July 13, 2009

Control Unleashed

I read the book Control Unleashed last night & it was a lot to absorb....I am feeling overwhelmed but determined to get better. I started putting some of the things into work on our walk this am. However, I ran out of treats, again!! This is crazy...there are soooo many dogs walking that I just can't keep up. This book asks you to reward everytime the dog "looks" at his this case dogs.....the idea is to get him to look back & focus on you for the reward, instead of the dog, we had 4 dogs pass us within 10 min. of each other, plus a guy on rollerblades & a tractor !!!.....after the 4th dog Kort was just way over stimulated & whining.....I just sat on the grass, massaging his ears, muzzle, & back trying to get him to relax....I'm sure I looked like a nutcase!! It took about 10 min. for him to stop looking for dogs & whining.....perhaps I need to find a quieter place to walk!
Baby steps Jolene, baby steps!


manymuddypaws said...

it wouldn't hurt for the time being to change your route.

you read the whole book last night????!!!! what time did you get to bed?!

Sarah said...

i was thinking the same thing - change the route or the time of day, for the time being. you could even try a few shorter walks so he sees less per walk??

sounds like you are on the right track with him though!

onecollie said...

LOL!! I did read it all!....went to bed about midnight I think!
great book, & yes, I think I will HAVE to cahnge my route & take shorter walks!

Doodles said...

beautiful dog i love collies

Squishy said...

Yes, baby steps!!