Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WHOO HOO !!!!!

This morning I went on a shorter walk.....armed with my treats & clicker I was ready. I have been doing TONS of reminder clicker work over the last 2 days..every chance I get I click, treat, click, treat. Today we approached the house that contains the 3 wild dogs....they heard us coming & immediately started their barking....Kort alerted & pulled toward the fence & I stopped & asked him to come...he turned right away as I have also been practising come on our walks with the clicker,.... click....treat. He sat in front of me while & clicked & treated every second while the dogs were barking & jumping on the fence, after a minute or so I knew he was totally focused on me, so I started to move....he heeled the entire time, watching me..click treat, click, treat as fast as I could!!, click, treat. We passed the house & continued on for a bit as these dogs were still screaming. I would also like to add that the dogs fight with each other as they get so frenzied...nice huh. This is the first time EVER we have gotten by that house without Kort pulling me off my feet & barking at the fence. I am thrilled beyond belief! Now, keep in mind this was not easy, my multi tasking skills are greatly lacking...just ask Amanda how I hate to use the leash in class!! But I managed clicking, treating, & walking, with leashes.....& I also had Tate! Yes, I am still walking them both, I just can't leave that sweet tri face standing in the doorway even if I know I'm coming back for him.....this is actually good for Tate too as he was also heeling along waiting to be fed! Good boys!!

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Sharrie said...

Great to read that you are making fantastic progress. I have that job ahead of me. I know it is hard to leave one behind when you go out .