Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This morning I went on 2 separate walks with Tate & Kort.....I "was" doing well taking them both, but last nights walk was a disaster, so I knew I had to start going twice.
It was so free feeling with just one dog at a time!!...I took Kort first & there were no triggers on our walk...figures!! However it was really weird as he became Velcro dog & wouldn't leave the heel position, he knows I carry treats now....I took the opportunity to do some heel work, turns, right & left , then tried releasing took awhile for him to just be a dog & explore....he kept coming back. Don't get me wrong...this is fantastic!!!, but I really don't need him in perfect heel position on our walk, wasn't his neck getting sore from staring up at me LOL!!

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Squishy said...

I LOVE Tate!!! And Kort is adorable too!! Tate is just soooo smooshy with the toy in his mouth!