Sunday, April 8, 2012

Great Weekend

Our weekend was soooo great. I love getting together with my friends & doing dog stuff.
We had Scenthurdling on Friday night, our team was full of team spirit, wearing our sparkly wristbands made by Amanda S, one of the newer team members who came to boxload for us. Boxloading is the hardest job, you have to be on the ball at all times, you have to be fast, & sometimes you have to put up with crap from other teams, thanks Amanda, you were awesome !
Kort came home sporting a new title, SHDCh., or Scenthurdle Dog Champion! To get this title you must earn 250 points racing. Next will be our Scenthurdle Dog Masters title I believe, & that will require 500 points.
I did alot of obedience training with Kort outside the ring, we worked on focus mostly. I won't say it was easy to not be putting him in the ring, I wished every moment I was there that I could be, but I know it's not the right time yet.
I was able to video & watch all my friends with their dogs however. They all rocked of course :)
Amanda put her first CDX leg on Pixel , getting a High Score In Class, & Brit came out with her 1st Rally Novice leg with a 3rd in Class.
Sarah got her CD on Gyp with a High Score in Class as well.
Amanda S. debuted in the Novice Rally ring with Izzie, & came away with her 1st Novice Rally leg.
Kim & Bosley entered the Open ring for first time in 4 months, they did not come out with a Q, but it was a success anyway. Bosley was happy, & focused, & back to his old fantastic working self, & we couldn't be happier for Kim.
So it was a wonderful weekend, even if we didn't make it to the Naughty & Nice show being held next door, next year :)


WigglyZack said...

congrats on Kort's new title

Dianne SS said...

Naughty and Nice? Let me guess!! LOL!! Congrats again on Kort's Scenthurdle Dog Championship!! And congrats to everyone--they all did so well. The trip was well worth it!!