Monday, April 16, 2012

A List

Amanda suggested I make a list after each trial of 3 things that "I" did well. Not the dogs, just me, myself & I. Maybe this will help me to get over myself :)

So here goes......

1) even though Kort took an off course jump, I immediately let it go & focused on the rest of the run, I was soooo proud of his run & that he downed on the table, & because I let it go Kort continued on without ever knowing he took a wrong jump :)

2) I remained focused on my dogs outside of the ring, I didn't watch the dog before me, or let Tate & Kort stand around doing nothing, I kept them focused on me

3) I've got nothing :)

This is harder then I thought, I came up with # 1 right away, # 2 took about 5 minutes to think of, & I am just drawing a blank for # 3 LOL!!


Dianne SS said...

Okay--obviously I wasn't there and I know next to zilch about agility. But in reading through your post about Sunday, I came up with 2 possibilities. First you were so thrilled and proud that Kort did the table and the weaves so well(showing that all that training paid off), and second you laughed when Amanda said, "but you'd still be old"!! Good sense of humor!! And yeah I should get a life and not sit at the computer all day!! LOL!

onecollie said...

LOL!! ok, I like that Dianne, a good sense of humour!!! That I do have!
I like my life of sitting in front of the computer hahaha!

Squishy said...

Ok. #3: You have beautiful dogs and you're at the dog show running around living the dream. Breathing and living with Tate & Kort and all of your friends. How cool is that?

onecollie said...

that is very cool Diana :)